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Coordinates must be given as hh mm ss for right ascension and ± dd mm ss for declination. Example: 05 16 41  +45 59 00

Coordinates:   RA   DE
Radius:  arcmin

Colors and Magnitudes

Please note that for a significant part of the sample of stars B-V or R-I is not available, these stars will not be listed.
A search for late-type stars will be more succesfull by R-I.

B-V values from : to Full interval from -0.25 to 2.50
R-I values from : to Full interval from 0.00 to 2.60
MV values from : to Full interval from 26.m00 to -0.m70
V values from : to Full interval from 25.m00 to -1.m50

Proper motion and kinematics

Please note that proper motion and radial velocity information is not always available

Mu values from : "/yr to "/yrFull interval from 0.00 "/yr to 10.40 "/yr
Theta values from : ° to °
Radial velocity from : km/s to km/sFull interval from -260.0 km/s to 250.0 km/s


Distance values from : pc to pcFull interval from 0.00 pc to 25.00 pc

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