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Image demo1
This image is an example of the data that is analyzed by the DEBRIS package. The image is CCD-processed. It shows 3 bright, geostationary objects which I assume to be satellites since they are all neatly lined up at zero degrees declination and do not move (as can be seen from the rest of the data set).

Image demo2
This image was created by the task DEBMV. It is a combination of 35 images like demo1 using a rejection algorithm. It shows the 3 satellites from demo1 in front of a more or less flat background. The thousands of uniformly distributed very small dots are to be ignored. They are not real! There is something wrong with the flat fields that were used. These dots are only visible in this particular image, whereas in the rest of the analysis they are of no concern.

Image demo3
This is the same image as demo1 only that it has a point source artificially added to it at the indicated position. It is hardly visible. In the rest of the data set this point source moves in both x- and y-directions at a speed of 2 pixels/ image.

Image demo4
This image shows what DEBMV made out of the data set represented by demo3.

The following are examples of (log-)files produced by the package in the course of an analysis.

A minimal logfile produced by DEBMV.

Logfile produced by DEBMV for every output image.

Coordinate file of demo4 produced by DEBFIND.

The output of DEBREPORT with demo4.coo as input.

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