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What's it about?

The DEBRIS package is a software package that was developed to analyse data for objects that do not move at the sidereal rate, e.g. geostationary objects. It was designed to fit into the IRAF environment as a seperate package.
When writing the software, we specifically had in mind that we were going to analyse data collected by the Automated Patrol Telescope, since a primary goal of the project was to find out whether we could use the APT to detect orbital debris in GEO of a size less than 1m. But of course the package could be used to analyse data from any old telescope as long as it is equipped with a CCD and a wide field of view. If you want to know more about how DEBRIS works, read the User's Guide. For some examples of how DEBRIS works, see this Demonstration Page or the Tutorial. If you want to know still more, contact me.

The people involved

Dr. Michael C. B. Ashley
Dr. Brad Carter
Dr. Peter Mitchell
Joe Liske

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