25th April 2020

7th TIGRE workshop

6-8 November 2019 in Guanajuato

Name Title PDF
J.N. González Pérez (UH) Current status of TIGRE [pdf]
M. Mittag (UH) TIGRE S-index: New calculation and long-term stability -
J.N. González Pérez (UH) The shape of the spectra of TIGRE [pdf]
J. Schmitt (UH) Rotation period measurements with TIGRE -
M. Mittag (UH) Activity cycles with TIGRE -
U. Wolter (UH) TIGvival - spectroscopically resolving the violent inner atmosphere of Mira variables [pdf]
K.-P. Schröder (UG) Magnetic activity of giant stars: no early retirement [pdf]
F.D. Rosas Portilla (UG) Revisiting the Wilson-Bappu effect -
M. Chávez Dagostino (INAOE) TUPURI: A survey of debris disks with the LMT -
Y. Nazé (UL) On the trail of Cygnus [pdf]
Y. Nazé (UL) Follow-up on gamma Cas stars [pdf]
E.A. Quintero Salazar (UG) An alternative algorithm for reliable and efficient spectral disentangling of binary systems -
D. Jack (UG) Spectroscopic binary stars with TIGRE [pdf]
M.A. Hernández Huerta (UG) Albireo: hierarchical triple or optical pair? [pdf]
N.J. Ordóñez Toro (UG) Astrometric studies of binary Young Stellar Objects using VLBI -
J. Wolf (DSI) Prediction and high-speed photometry of stellar occultations supporting SOFIA missions [pdf]
I.A. Aguilar Segoviano (UG) Determination of stellar parameters of the TIGRE sample [pdf]
D. Jack (UG) Nova V659 Sct -
H. Andernach (UG) An update on potential double-lobed radio stars [pdf]
J. Schmitt (UH) eROSITA - a new X-ray mission in operation -