16th January 2024

The Telescope

The TIGRE telescope was delivered to Hamburg for testing in July 2002. Thereafter it was tested at Hamburg Observatory. Final commissioning was in 2005. The telescope performance meets or even exceeds the specifications (see the test webpages). A much more detailed description is the diploma thesis written by Marco Mittag (in German).

The TIGRE was transferred to its final site at La Luz Observatory near Guanajuato (Mexico) in 2013. Scheduled observations were started there on August 1st.

Main contractor and mechanics:
Halfmann Teleskoptechnik
Some subcontractors:
Optics: Carl Zeiss Jena GmbH; picture of the main mirror
Electronics: RS Elektronik GmbH Augsburg
Software: 4PI Systeme GmbH Sonneberg

The basics
Type Cassegrain-Nasmyth with FOV corrector
Alt/Az mounting
Fully robotic

Primary mirror M1: aperture 1200mm, focal ratio f/3
Cassegrain focal ratio: f/8
FOV: 7' diameter
Spot concentration 80% in 0.5", >90% in 1"
Material: Schott Zerodur

Mounting: Alt/Az
Tube: Serrurier
M1 cell: active M1 support with 18 axial and 12 radial levers
Bearings: hydraulic/rollers in azimuth/elevation
Drives: final direct drives with high-precision absolute encoders
Pointing accuracy: blind 5" or better, seeing-limited with AGU
Tracking accuracy: better than 0.2"/min
Guiding accuracy: seeing-limited
Instruments stages: at two Nasmyth focii possible; FOV derotator

Telescope control

The Telescope Control Software is a subsystem of the control Software.